It’s important to have the correct fire extinguisher for the job. Using the incorrect extinguisher could cause even more harm and potentially reduce efficacy of any automated fire suppression system your buildings have. At Onlsow Fire Extinguisher we have all the available safety protection on the market, and our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have and help guide you to the best possible solution to protect your business. For more information on types of fires and the different extinguishers that fight them, click here.  


With years of servicing experience our dedicated team can assist in regularly scheduled services to ensure that your safety equipment is in perfect working order.


We are certified, trained and experienced professionals in the fire safety industry. You can trust us as your installation experts for all your fire safety needs.


With professional inspections and detailed instructions on how to performed regularly schedule extinguisher inspections you will feel confident that your safety investments are up to the task.

We would also like to share with our customers an update from NFPA.

NFPA-10 now states that it is a requirement for the business owner to conduct monthly fire extinguisher inspections which include:

  1. Check to ensure that plastic tamper seal is still present.
  2. Ensure pull pin is not bent.
  3. Ensure that the gauge is still reading in the green area.
  4. Ensure that there is nothing clogging the hose.
  5. Ensure that the Canister is not dented and or rusted.
  6. Remove the Fire Extinguisher from the mounting bracket, turn upside down and shake.
  7. Return to mounting bracket and date and initial the back of the Onslow Fire Extinguisher tag.

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We provide installations of kitchen exhaust hood systems and restaurant fire suppression systems.

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We provide detailed inspections of kitchen and restaurant fire suppression systems.